Tour of Disney-Lands: A Complete Guide to the Lands of Disneyland (Adventureland)

Chapter 1: Adventureland

Welcome to the first installation of the Disneyland “Land Series”! Each month I will take one of the lands of Disneyland and compare it to Walt Disney World’s equivalent. I’ll provide my tips and tricks and hidden gems you can find in each land! If there is no equivalent, then I’ll just tell you all about it! Our first land is none other than Adventureland!

Adventureland Entrance

Welcome to the Jungle!


Disneyland’s Adventureland is jam-packed with attractions, shops, food, and characters! Adventureland is one of the smallest lands in Disneyland when it comes to size. Don’t blink because you might miss the entire land! Depending which end you come from you’ll either start at Tarzan’s Treehouse and work your way down to the Enchanted Tiki Room, or vice versa.

Exit of tiki room

Tarzan's Treehouse

I love this land because it has my favorite ride, Indiana Jones! Even though I closed my eyes on this ride until I was 13, it is hands down the best ride in the park! This land also has the infamous Dole Whip available at the Tiki Juice Bar! You can get the soft serve, float, juice, or pineapple spear at this location! If you need a chance to relax and get a good laugh make sure to visit the Jungle Cruise and the Enchanted Tiki Room! If you want to get your steps in for the day or get some energy out of your children check out Tarzan’s Treehouse! You can also currently meet Moana at the exit of Tarzan’s Treehouse!

Indy sign 3

Feeling Hungry?


If you’re looking for something a little more filling than just a snack, make sure you visit Bengal Barbecue! Here is where you can get some delicious skewers with various meats and sauces! And for you vegetarians, there is a vegetable skewer! I’ve tried a couple of different offerings here and I do recommend it! This is a great on the go item if you’re in a hurry, but there’s plenty of seating nearby if you want to relax! As I stated before, you can also get yourself a Dole Whip from the Tiki Juice Bar!

Dole Whip w- tiki room sign

DL vs. WDW

So what’s the difference? Rides and food! The biggest ride difference, in my opinion, is Disneyland has Indiana Jones, while WDW places Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. Those of us who call Disneyland home are familiar with Pirates being in New Orleans Square! Also, WDW has a table service restaurant, while Disneyland has only quick service, snack type locations.

Jungle Cruise

The only ride I’ve done in both parks is the Jungle Cruise. Sadly, I have to say WDW’s version is better than Disneyland. They have a really cool indoor portion of the ride that I really liked, but Disneyland’s is still awesome! Adventureland in WDW is almost home to the equally famous Orange Swirl (formerly Citrus Swirl) at Sunshine Tree Terrace! I was able to try the Citrus Swirl and I am curious how it compares to the recently emerged “Orange Swirl.”

Insider Tips

Indy Car

Here are some of my tips I’ve gathered over the many visits I’ve made as an Annual Passholder!

    • Indiana Jones has a single rider line, if you don’t mind splitting up your party this might be a faster option to get on the ride!
    • Don’t forget the Tiki Juice Bar has a line outside the Tiki Room and inside the waiting area!
    • Indiana Jones is notorious for breaking down throughout the day. My suggestion, either ride it first thing in the morning or get a FastPass because if it breaks down during your FastPass time you now have a free FastPass to any attraction!

Indy Interior

Hidden Mickey

Just for fun, I thought I’d leave you all with a hidden mickey to try and spot in my favorite ride! Good luck!

The hidden mickey inside Indiana Jones is pretty tricky to find since the ride moves so quickly. However, once you spot it once you’ll have no trouble seeing it whenever you ride. After you’ve looked into the eyes of Mara and pass Indy holding back the doors you enter a room with skeletons. If you look behind you at the skeletons against the wall there is one sitting on the ground wearing a pair of mickey ears! This took me forever to spot, but I finally found it! Let us know if you spot it too!

Final Thoughts

I hope you all have enjoyed the first chapter of many in our tour of Disney-lands! Adventureland has plenty to offer! Enjoy the attractions, food, grab yourself a souvenir, and just have a great time! Let us know your thoughts on Adventureland! Join us next month for our next land: New Orleans Square!

new orleans

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