Tips for Using a Polaroid Camera at Disneyland

Who doesn’t love coming to Disneyland and spamming their phone gallery with adorable pictures?! I know I do! If you’re a photographer, chances you have a Polaroid camera and love to take pictures with it! Disneyland is one of the go-to places for all your Polaroid camera pictures! As an Annual Passholder, I love going to Disneyland and just taking pictures, but with a Polaroid camera, that can be a little hard. In this post I’ll be sharing my favorite tips for using a Polaroid camera at Disneyland, or just in general!



When taking a Polaroid picture, angles are key! Usually when using your phone you can see yourself as you take a selfie, but with a Polaroid camera, that isn’t the case. Depending on the model of the Polaroid, you either have the option of using an attachable mirror or using a mirror on the camera itself. If you want to capture yourself and the background in your picture, make sure to aim more up than you normally would when taking a picture. It may look like your not in the picture from the mirror on the Polaroid, but trust me, you are! 


My camera is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 and I absolutely love it! If you’re looking to purchase a Polaroid camera, highly recommend the Instax Mini 9!



The common frustration when using a Polaroid camera are the settings. If you don’t set the camera to the correct setting for the light you’re dealing with, the picture might not end up how you’ve imagined. The house icon is best for using indoors and at night while the cloud icon is great for using in cloudy weather or in shade. The smaller sun is used for sunny, cloudy weather and the bigger sun is used for mainly sunny weather. The Hi-Key icon just makes the picture more brighter than it’d normally be. When you need someone else to take a picture for you, make sure the yellow light is set to the correct setting. I’ve once handed a cast member my camera and it wasn’t set to the right setting and the picture turned out white, lesson learned for sure!




One of the best tips I think I could ever give while using a Polaroid camera is lighting. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone to take a picture in front of the castle and the lighting was either too bright, or too soft. If you’re wanting to take pictures in general, I prefer taking them in the morning or in the evening around 4pm or 5pm, that is prime time for lighting!


And these are examples of when taking a picture on a Polaroid camera became… eh bumpy.


When you have an abundance of Polaroid pictures, you need somewhere to store them! I recommend getting a Polaroid Picture album to store them all! Another option is if you go to Disneyland often or love keeping a journal, keep a journal of your adventures and a picture to remind you of that day!



Polaroid cameras are not only fun, but they are also really easy to learn how to use! Yes a phone camera can do exactly what a Polaroid camera can do, but a Polaroid camera captures moments and puts them in your hand within 90 seconds! There’s some things Polaroid camera’s can do that phones can’t!


Next time you take your Polaroid camera to Disneyland remember these tips! Do you have any additional tips? Share your Polaroid pictures with us too! We’d love to see them!



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