Tour of Disney-Lands: A Complete Guide to the Lands of Disneyland (New Orleans Square)

Chapter 2: New Orleans Square

Welcome back to the next installation of the “Tour of Disney-lands!” The land I will be discussing is New Orleans Square! Once you’ve crossed over the bridge from Adventureland or headed down the hill towards the Rivers of America, you’ve hit New Orleans Square! This land has so much offer with attractions, food, shops, characters and more! So let’s begin!


Yo Ho! We’ve Been Dying To Meet You!

Two of the most iconic attractions in all of Disneyland reside in New Orleans Square! Here is where you will find Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion! Both are great rides for when you need to sit and relax and cool down, especially on a hot day! Unfortunately, during summer months the lines do get long, and there is not very much shade in these lines. I’ll give some tips to help avoid this later on! In addition to these attractions, there is a train stop located next to Haunted Mansion! Perhaps they should have renamed this land to the “Land of Relaxation!”


As many of you may or may not know, Pirates of the Caribbean is currently undergoing refurbishment. The classic “Auction Scene” is being completely changed and reimagined. The scene at WDW’s Pirates of the Caribbean has already been updated! I’m curious if ours will be exactly the same or how it will look overall! 


The ride should be opening up by early summer! There’s two main differences between our Pirates and the one in WDW. First, WDW has a ride photo, which I wish we had! Second, we have a restaurant, Blue Bayou, that definitely makes up for the lack of a ride photo!


I’m going to give a shout-out to my sister, Amber, who is literally OBSESSED with the Haunted Mansion! This ride always makes me think of her! She will actually be writing a separate post dedicated to this ride! Make sure you stay tuned for that! I know I’m dying to read it! *pun intended* Although this isn’t my favorite ride, the theming is absolutely spot on!


My favorite time to go on this ride is when it becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday, and Jack Skellington takes over! The ride is themed after Nightmare Before Christmas, which I learned does not happen in WDW! Make sure you check out the Haunted Mansion during the Fall and Winter seasons!


Also, the Haunted Mansion located here in Disneyland has the wonderful addition of the Hatbox Ghost! I absolutely LOVE that part of the ride! But enough about the rides, let’s get to the important part: FOOD!

Grab Some Grub!


New Orleans Square hands down has some of the best places to eat! I’ve eaten at every dining location and have nothing but positive things to say! If you’re looking for table service options, visit Blue Bayou or Cafe Orleans. I’ve written food reviews on both restaurants, so check them out! If you want quick service, you’ll want to visit French Market or Royal Street Veranda!


If you’re looking for the infamous Mickey-shaped beignets or Mint Julep, head to the Mint Julep Bar located next to French Market and the train stop! Fair warning, they are EXTREMELY messy and EXTREMELY delicious!


One of my favorite things to eat at Disneyland is their gumbo! I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s truly a delicious dish! You can find it at every dining location in New Orleans Square, except the French Market! I highly recommend you try it!


Also, beignets are a must as well! Depending on the time of year you visit there may be an exclusive flavor offered! My favorite are the pumpkin beignets that come out in the Fall! If you just want a snack there’s various stands throughout the land! Churros, popcorn, cinnamon rolls, drinks, and more are among the snacks you can get!


Insider Tips

    • Often times the FastPass distribution time for Haunted Mansion is within 5-30 minutes of you obtaining it. If you want to skip the line go grab a FastPass!
    • When entering Pirates, stay to the right, I’ve always felt that line moves faster than the left side!
    • If you’re visiting on a hot day you may want to ride Pirates or Haunted Mansion earlier in the day to avoid the direct sun as lines do get long!
    • Make dining reservations as soon as you can for Blue Bayou and Cafe Orleans (60 days in advance), but it also doesn’t hurt to ask if they take walk-ins as soon as they open for lunch or dinner.


Hidden Mickeys

Pirates of the Caribbean has many hidden mickeys! Here’s a few of the ones I know of:

      • When you’re approaching Davy Jones being projected onto the mist, there’s a hidden mickey on the top left of his hat disguised as another button!
      • After you’ve passed Davy Jones and you enter the “battle scene” there’s a blast hole in the wall on your right shaped as a hidden mickey!
      • As you approach the final hill at the end of the ride, there’s two hidden mickeys. First are the barrels hanging above you, and the second is a mickey in the middle of a breastplate hanging on the wall on your left side, most likely behind you!

Haunted Mansion has one hidden mickey I know of and it’s in the ballroom scene! there is a table setting arranged on the dining table with three plates shaped as a mickey head!

Bonus: in the same room if you look closely at the glass near the end of the hallway there’s a spider on the glass that is actually covering up a bullet hole!



If you didn’t know this, New Orleans Square is home to the highly exclusive Club 33! It is a dream of mine to one day get to go inside! If anyone has connections, please let me know 😉 The original entrance was located next to Blue Bayou, but recently was moved across from La Mascarade d’Orleans!


There’s a bunch of great shops to visit including Le Bat en Rouge, which is now home to many very cute dresses!


For you pin traders out there, some of the shops have pins, but you may have to ask as they’re in some really cool boxes!


Also, the Dream Suite is located above Pirates of the Caribbean! Another item on my bucket list!


Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth review of New Orleans Square! For those of you who might be WDW natives this is one land you’ll definitely want to visit! There’s so much to experience! Let us know your favorite part of New Orleans Square! Remember to subscribe so you can be the first to know when we post! Check back soon for our featured post on Haunted Mansion! Most importantly, join us next month for our next land: Critter Country!


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