New Treats, Eats, & Meet and Greets at the Disneyland Resort

What’s New?

It feels like every time I visit the Disneyland Resort there’s something new to eat or experience! Here are a few of the things I came across from my last visit!


Strawberry Beignets



I always love when there’s a new beignet flavor at the Mint Julep Bar! In addition to the classic beignets, there’s now strawberry beignets dusted with a dried strawberry sugar! You can get them in a 3-pack or 6-pack, but no AP discount here unfortunately! Make sure you get a refreshing mint julep to go along with your beignets! I really enjoyed how these tasted so it’s tough to say if I like these or the regular ones better! But I do recommend trying these while they’re around!



Pineapple Churro



Some of you may or may not know that there is a pineapple churro available at Disneyland! You can find this new treat at the churro cart in front of the castle! I’m not sure how long it’s around for so you’ll want to get it while you can! For an additional dollar, you can also add marshmallow dipping sauce which I do recommend! However, these weren’t my favorite churros. Pineapple and churro don’t really mix…but if you’re curious it’s worth tasting!


If all else fails, there’s always the awesome Instagram pictures you can get! #DoItForTheGram


Meet & Greet


Launch Bay: Rey


A few months ago it was announced that Rey would be coming to the Disneyland Resort! Now when you visit the Launch Bay in Tomorrowland, you can experience an all-new meet and greet on the Light Side featuring Rey! There’s so many awesome meet and greet opportunities at the Launch Bay including Rey, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren!



Character meet and greets are so much fun especially when the characters engage with guests! Rey did an awesome job of that! The lines are a little long to meet Rey, but she’s totally worth the wait!


And if you’re lucky you’ll spot Boba Fett…


I hope you get to enjoy all these new eats, treats, & meet and greets!


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