A Guide to Mobile Ordering at the Disneyland Resort

I have some very exciting news! Mobile ordering has come to the Disneyland Resort! I’ve had the opportunity to try out the process, and I wanted to give a quick overview of how it works! It’s really simple to use!

There’s 15 locations between Disneyland and DCA that are participating in mobile ordering. For a full list of the locations click here. Let’s go through the steps from beginning to end on how to mobile order!

Step 1: Download the Disneyland App


This is the most important step and is a must for any Disneyland visit! Make sure you download the Disneyland app because you can’t use mobile ordering without it! The app also lets you see wait times, select FastPasses when you have MaxPass, reserve dining, and more!

Step 2: Press “Order Food” and Select an Arrival Window


Once you’ve downloaded the app and you’re ready to start your order, press the option to “Order Food.” From here, you’ll select 1 of the 15 participating locations and the time you’d like to pick up your order!

Since I was ready to eat the time of my order I selected Lucky Fortune Cookery and the next available time which was 3:20!


Step 3: Choose Your Items!

Now for the best part, picking your food! As you decide what you want to order, select the quantity of each item and press “Add” to add to your cart!


Step 4: Review Order and Purchase

Once you’ve selected everything, go to your cart to view your order summary! Annual Passholders make sure your pass is linked to your app so you can get your discounts! Once you’ve reviewed your order and everything looks good then press “Purchase”!

Although it is not seen below, this is the step where you will enter your payment information.


Step 5: Select “Prepare My Order”

When you’re at your location or nearby select the button that says, “I’m Here, Prepare My Order.”


You’ll be given your Order #, and the screen will be updated once it’s ready to be picked up!


Step 6:ย Picking Up Your Order

You’ll be notified through the app once you’re order is ready! Once you receive the notification head to the designated “Mobile Order Pick Up” window and grab your food!


Step 7: Enjoy Your Food!!

This is the best step! Now that you have your food…ENJOY IT!


As you can see mobile ordering is really simple and self-explanatory! Have you tried it out yet?? Let us know what you think of it! If you have any questions about mobile ordering at the Disneyland Resort, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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