Tour of Disney-Lands: A Complete Guide to the Lands of Disneyland (Critter Country)

Chapter 3: Critter Country

Welcome back, Adventurers! Here we are with our next installment of “Tour of Disney-Lands!” So far we have looked at Adventureland and New Orleans Square which are jam-packed with awesome attractions and dining locations! This next land, although small, has a great character opportunity and one of the three major mountains in the park! Critter Country has plenty to offer so let’s not waste any more time!


Find Your Laughing Place!

There are three attractions that reside within Critter Country. Two of which you probably are aware of and one that is often overlooked! Have you walked along the Rivers of America and ever noticed guests paddling in canoes?? Well, guess what?! You too can join them and paddle in a canoe in the Rivers of America!


Be warned it is a lot of hard work, but the experience is worth it! Adults and children can enjoy this attraction, and it’s something different that you and your family or friends can have fun doing together!


For those of you who LOVE Winnie the Pooh, this is the land for you! The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is such a fun ride! Most days the line is pretty short, but you know it’s a busy day when this ride has more than a 5-10 minute wait! Everything about this ride is so fun…a little odd at times…but still fun!


Fun Fact: Some of the mounted heads are still on the walls from the old Country Bear Jamboree! Right before you enter the room in the picture below look behind you and up above! You can’t miss them!


Now, last but certainly not least, the final attraction in Critter Country is none other than Splash Moutain! I feel like most people have a love/hate relationship with this ride. They love the ride, but hate getting wet! Can you blame them??


This is such a classic ride and honestly a must for any Disney visit! If you want to get completely soaked, sit in the first two rows. The further back you go the less you get wet, but you WILL get wet!


Keep your eyes open as you near the end of the ride because the Main Street Railroad actually goes through the ride above you!


Hungry? Oh, Bother!

The Hungry Bear Restaurant is a great place to grab lunch or dinner! With dining both upstairs or downstairs, you’re bound to find somewhere to sit and have a great view of the Rivers of America!


Here you can find burgers, salads, and sandwiches, along with some yummy desserts! Annual Passholders can use their discounts here!


As you can see in the distance, Star Wars Land construction continues! This walkway was refurbished recently and extends for quite some time, but has many benches for some relaxation away from the crowds!


Another place to eat that’s not as popular is Harbour Galley! Located right across from the Haunted Mansion exit, this walk-up window can easily be missed!


As its name would suggest, this dining location offers a selection of seafood-inspired items! Most notable is the Lobster Roll!


You can also get soup in bread bowls here and other lobster items such as Lobster Galley Chips and a Lobster Mac & Cheese Hot Dog! I may have to try this on one of my next visits!


After you received your food if you veer to the right of the window, there’s a walkway that will lead you to more seating since it’s rather limited at the location itself!


Lions, Tigers, and Pooh Bear? Oh, My!

One of my favorite parts of this land is the character meet and greet! Right outside the exit for Splash Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, there’s an area for you to meet Pooh and his friends!


Make sure you have your camera or phone and autograph book because you won’t want to miss capturing these super fun moments! Depending on when you arrive you’ll have the opportunity to meet Pooh, Tigger, and/or Eeyore!


While you’re in the area make sure you stop by Pooh’s Corner and pick up a sweet treat or maybe a souvenir for yourself or someone else!


Don’t these just look irresistible??


Insider Tips

  • If you plan on riding Splash Mountain during your visit, I would recommend packing some dry clothes and flip-flops. If you have a locker that’s great for putting your wet clothes in! If not, gallon bags work too! I have switched my tennis shoes for flip flops when I ride and let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference!
  • If you’re the only one that wants to ride Splash Mountain, or you don’t mind splitting up with your group, check out the single rider line!
  • We have found that the BEST time to ride Splash Mountain is at night! It’s a whole different experience that you have to try at least once…or four times in a row if you’re us…
  • When it comes to eating it’s always best to eat during non-peak periods! Lucky enough, Hungry Bear is one of the restaurants that participate in mobile ordering. If you’re interested in how that works, check out my previous post!
  • Check the app or grab a showtime guide when you enter to find out when Pooh and his friends will be out and about for character greetings!


I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about Critter Country! I feel like this land is often forgotten about because it’s so detached from the rest of the park. Next time you’re at the park, go visit Critter Country! Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for next month’s land: Frontierland!


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