What’s New? Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction Updates at Disneyland

Earlier this month Pirates of the Caribbean reopened after a highly controversial decision was made to update the infamous “auction scene” in the ride. We were able to check it out over the weekend! Here’s what’s new and what we thought of the updates!

No More Davy Jones

For those who are familiar with the ride, when you’re about to enter the “battle scene” your boat goes through a wall of fog with a projection of Davy Jones, remember that? Well it’s gone now…BUT! something new is in its place! Off to your left is now a half-man/half-skeleton with an octopus beside him.


At first when I looked at him I saw just the skeleton, but after we passed him I looked back and saw a man. I thought I was seeing things, but as you can see from the pictures he’s both! Also, the octopus moves too!

Improved Lighting

Throughout the ride various scenes appeared to have some improvements to their lighting.


Goodbye Auction, Hello Redd

There was a lot to take in for the few seconds we passed the new scene. I definitely need to ride it a few more times to fully take everything in. My initial thoughts are positive though! Yes, it’s sad to see an iconic scene go, but I am okay with the new change.

Here is what it looked like before…


And here are some photos of the new changes…



Say hello to Redd the Pirate!


Meet Redd


Not only are we introduced to Redd the Pirate on the ride, you can actually meet her too! When we got off the ride we just happened to spot her in front of the entrance with NO line!


She walked us over to another area to take pictures, but meeting her was really awesome!


FastPass is Coming!

Pirates is finally joining the list of attractions to offer FastPass! Some feel it’s not necessary, while others feel it’s about time! Even though the ride is open, FastPass is not being offered just yet. I believe that will begin later this month if not by July.


On the right side of the queue line an updated wait time sign can be seen! On the left is where the FastPass line begins. We got distracted meeting Redd and forgot to go back for the pictures!

Tip: My biggest tip to you all is to ride this FIRST if you want to avoid long lines!

Because it’s recently opened it’s a popular ride and the lines do get lengthy. Also, because it’s Summer you don’t want to get stuck outside in the heat!

Overall, I’m a fan of the new changes and updates! There are also some new themed foods I need to hunt down and try! Once I do I’ll make sure to report back! What do you think of the newest changes to this classic attraction??


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