A First Look at Disney California Adventure’s Grand Opening of Pixar Pier


Paradise Pier is officially a thing of the past! Disney California Adventure welcomes you to now visit Pixar Pier! We woke up at the crack of dawn to be at the opening of this new land just so we can report back to our Adventurers!


There was A LOT to take in so I’ll do my best to recap! One important thing to note is that although Pixar Pier is officially open, it is NOT officially completed! Construction continues on Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, Jessie’s Critter Carousel, and the new Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind coming in 2019!


Ashlee took TONS of pictures which will be shared in this post! We want you all to feel like you were there with us! So…let’s dive right in!

Welcome to Pixar Pier!


If you are a fan of Pixar movies, you will love this new land! The decor, attractions, food, and characters are nothing short of spectacular! I’ll begin by talking about the attractions you can find here!



There are currently 3 attractions open in Pixar Pier: Incredicoaster, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Pixar Pal-A-Round! As I mentioned before, two more are still on the way! While we were waiting for the park to open someone mentioned they got their FastPass for the Incredicoaster through MaxPass. What a genius idea! Since this is such a highly anticipated attraction, I would HIGHLY recommend getting MaxPass to get your FastPass for this ride right away! Paper FastPasses are still available on the pier across from the entrance of the ride though. Be warned, they go quickly!



Where do I begin with this ride?! I’ll be honest, I didn’t think the Imagineers were going to finish this ride in time. The ride, the queue line, everything is INCREDIBLE! The standby line quickly got up to a few hours and made its way up the bridge of the pier. Like I said, I really recommend you get a FastPass for this ride! Ashlee did confirm there is still a single rider line!


If you haven’t seen Incredibles 2 yet the storyline of the ride may not make a whole lot of sense. Nonetheless, the ride itself is still super fun and action packed! I love the addition of the characters in the ride and the audio as you ride! I won’t say much else because it’s definitely something you need to experience yourself, but here are some pictures that will do the talking for me!


Love this new Incredicoaster signage!


Stand-by entrance on the left and FastPass entrance on the right! The digital displays were still being worked on.


Stand-by queue line modeled after the house the Parr family stays in from Incredibles 2!


A better view of the house from Incredibles 2!


No shortage of crowds for this ride!


The pre-show video was fun to watch in line!


The FastPass line moved quickly! We waited maybe 10 minutes and were able to request front row!


All new cars with the Incredibles logo and new decals! Each train looks the same.


Watching the new cars taking off!

Overall, I really liked the ride! Ashlee is still a little skeptical since she is a die-hard California Screamin’ fan, but she still enjoyed it!

Toy Story Midway Mania


This ride is so much fun and very interactive! It’s one of my favorites! The exterior received a new paint job which is really pretty! I love the blue!! Not a new attraction to the pier, but still a popular one! FastPasses are available in the same location as the Incredicoaster ones.

Pixar Pal-A-Round


No matter how cute the new gondolas are, this is one attraction you will NOT find me on! Ferris wheels are not my thing, but I can admit I love the new overlay! The gondolas have been replaced each having a different Pixar pal on it! There is a side for swinging and non-swinging gondolas, depending on how daring you are! You’ll get a great view of the pier and the entire park from the top! If you’re not afraid of heights this ones for you!




No one does themed food better than Disney, that’s just a fact! Pixar Pier is home to 5 new food stands and the newly re-themed Lamplight Lounge! We were able to try a few things, but can’t wait to try everything else!

Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats


This particular stand has been open for almost 2 months now, you can check out my review of it here! This is the first stand you’ll encounter as you make your way down to the pier. This line does get lengthy, so I suggest getting one of these delicious treats early on!

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Numsย 


I was most excited to try the cookies here at this stand! Yes, they may be $6.00 with no discount, but honestly, they were worth it! The stand is located at the exit of the Incredicoaster!


Gotta love hidden Mickeys…


We tried the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num which is a HUGE warm chocolate chip cookie! You’re going to want some milk with this one! Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, so it goes without saying I absolutely LOVED this cookie!


We also tried The Incredicookie which is gluten friendly! I don’t normally eat gluten-free cookies, but this was soft, a little dry, but the blackberry center made up for it! We didn’t try the shortbread cookie, but maybe next time we will!


Poultry Palace


As you continue down the pier, you’ll run into these next 3 stands. Poultry Palace is hard to miss with it’s bright purple and yellow exterior! Here you can find turkey legs and the chicken drumstick box which includes 3 seasoned legs with cole slaw for $9.99! I think that’s a pretty good deal and I’ll have to try it out next time I’m there!

Seรฑor Buzz Churros


As if Disney didn’t offer enough churro flavors…here’s 2 more! We tried the Caliente churro which was…interesting. I felt like I ate an entire box of Hot Tamales, the flavor combinations were just weird. The churro was warm and fresh which was the best part!


Although this churro is great for pictures, it was not great for my mouth! This is not a treat I would recommend if you don’t like strong “spicy” flavors!


Angry Dogs


The last stand you’ll find on the pier is Angry Dogs! Here you’ll find a spicy hot dog and a regular hot dog! I think the sign of this stand is my favorite! I can’t wait to try the spicy hot dog for sure!


Lamplight Lounge


The Lamplight Lounge is replacing the formerly popular Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto. I’ve seen pictures of the inside, and it looks beautiful! Unfortunately, we were not able to get any pictures, but we plan to eat here in the future and will do a full review!


Characters, Decor, and More!

Last but not least are the characters and decor! As we walked around the pier, we noticed a variety of characters such as Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, Edna Mode, Frozone, Woody, Jessie, Flik and Atta! I know there are so many characters you can meet so keep your eyes open and your autograph books ready!


I think what really tied everything together for me was the decor! From the moment you’re walking down the pier you see 4 huge billboards from some of your favorite Pixar movies! Everything screams Pixar from the Luxo ball themed umbrellas to the various trashcans!


At the very end of the pier, you’ll find newly re-imagined boardwalk games and the Pixar Promenade!





Make sure you visit Knick’s Knacks on your way in or out for all your Pixar merchandise needs!


I know that was a lot of information to take in, but I truly hope you have enjoyed it all! I can’t wait for all of Pixar Pier to be completed, but you can bet we’ll be keeping you posted along the way! We hope you can make it to Pixar Pier and make your own memories with your family and friends!



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