Newly Refurbished Dumbo The Flying Elephant Attraction Reopens at Disneyland!

For a few months, Dumbo The Flying Elephant at the Disneyland Resort was under construction, but now Dumbo finally gets to soar high again! With Dumbo reopening, let’s take a look at all the sights of the new and improved Dumbo!


The original Dumbo sign got an upgrade!



Instead of picking your favorite colored Dumbo to ride in, you now have to stand on a number surrounding a color corresponding to that colored Dumbo!


Looks like each Dumbo got a nice new paint job! Very shiny!!


On the back side of the ride, you can find a stationary Dumbo to take some fun pictures with!


The queue line has some added decorations as well, but the biggest change is the shaded canopy over the queue line!


I hope this post fed your addiction to all things Dumbo, I know it certainly did for me!

P.S. Don’t forget to take cute pictures with your friends and family while riding Dumbo!


And maybe some not so cute ones…

boo dumbo

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