Tour of Disney-lands: A Complete Guide to the Lands of Disneyland (Frontierland)

Chapter 4: Frontierland

Welcome back to the next land in our series, Frontierland! Hopefully, you’ve been following along with our other posts, but if you haven’t we’ve covered Adventureland, New Orleans Square, and most recently, Critter Country! Let’s not waste any more time and head west to Frontierland!



Big Thunder Mountain


Frontierland is home to another one of the major “mountains” in the park! Big Thunder Mountain is probably one of the highlights of this land. This mine train themed roller coaster is surely the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Tip: This queue line is all outside with minimal shade if the line is really long get a FastPass to avoid the line and the heat!


Mark Twain Riverboat/Columbia


A more recent favorite of mine is sailing along the Rivers of America while riding the Mark Twain Riverboat. I’ve found the best time to do this is early in the morning because the boat is practically empty!


It’s a very relaxing way to start your day. This is also a great option for those who may not enjoy roller coasters and thrill rides! Later in the day, the boats switch out and you’ll have a chance to ride the Columbia!


Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island


I’ve only been here a couple of times, but Tom Sawyer Island is a great place for kids (and adults) to run around and explore! You’ll need to take the log raft over to the island, from there you can stay as long as you like! There’s plenty of shade on the island, great for relaxing! I feel this is something that is often overlooked and is worth visiting on your visit even for a few minutes!



There are some fantastic places to eat in Frontierland; you really can’t go wrong with any of them!

The Golden Horseshoe


I’ve only eaten here once, but this is a great location to get out of the summer heat and enjoy air conditioning, great food, and a fun show! This saloon themed eatery offers chicken wings, chili, loaded potato skins, and salad for you healthy folks! If you have room after your meal, you’ll want to indulge in one of their sundaes or floats or mini ice cream sandwiches!

Stage Door Cafe


If you’re not interested in any of the food items in The Golden Horseshoe, then head out back to the Stage Door Cafe! Here you’ll find chicken tenders, corn dogs, chicken fried steak sandwich, and a chicken spinach wrap! But more importantly, they also have FUNNEL CAKES!! Who doesn’t love a good funnel cake?! There’s plenty of seating outside, but feel free to take your food inside The Golden Horseshoe to enjoy that A/C!


Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante 


This is my absolute favorite place to eat in Frontierland! This dining location serves Mexican cuisine which is absolutely delicious!! Here you can find tacos, burritos, enchiladas, salads, nachos, and more! Don’t forget dessert either! I’ve had many dishes here, and I was not disappointed! Portions are pretty large, so you can definitely share!

Tip: There is a water station outside to refill your water, but your fountain beverages can be refilled inside as well!

River Belle Terrace


Lastly, we have the table service dining location, River Belle Terrace! You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this location. Here you can find the comforts of Southern cooking with biscuits and gravy, beef short ribs, fried chicken sandwich, pulled pork sandwich and more! There is also a Fantasmic! dining package available which I highly recommend! Fantasmic! is my favorite show in the park and the dining package allows you reserved seating with a pretty good view of the show! Because this is a table service restaurant, you’ll be able to make reservations up to 60 days in advance!




As I mentioned previously, Fantasmic! is my favorite show at the Disneyland Resort. It’s a water show that takes place on the Rivers of America with amazing projections, characters, and pyrotechnics! The soundtrack is pretty amazing too! You don’t have to get a dining package to enjoy the show though. FastPasses are distributed near the entrance to the Mark Twain Riverboat and shows are daily at 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Don’t miss this opportunity you won’t regret seeing this show!



Frontierland is full of great shops for your souvenir needs! I love the Western theme of the stores and the land altogether. For those of you interested in Pin Trading there’s an entire store dedicated to pins and a cart outside as well! Each shop has a board for trading pins as well!


Frontierland Shooting Exposition


Another guest favorite is the shooting exposition next to the Westward Ho Trading Co! If you’re ever looking for something inexpensive and fun to do this is your go-to! You’ll need quarters to play, but there is a change machine available!


Entrance to Star Wars Land


As you make your way past Big Thunder Mountain and head to Fantasyland, you may notice a lot of open space and new rock work. Enjoy the benches and lack of crowds now because come Summer 2019 this will be one of the main entrances to Star Wars Land!


For now, take advantage of the photo opportunities like my friend Sarah and her Instagram worthy “Frontierland Wall” picture! Make sure you check out her blog and social media too! She’s a great blogger and has TONS of Walt Disney World tips!

Sarah Frontierland Wall

As always, I hope you enjoyed this edition of “Tour of Disney-lands!” We’re almost through the whole park, just a few more lands to go! Join us next time for our coverage on Fantasyland!


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