MaxPass or Bust: Best Tips for Using MaxPass at the Disneyland Resort

As you may or may not know it’s been about a year since the Disneyland Resort rolled out MaxPass. I’ve utilized MaxPass with varying group sizes and I’ve found it very effective! My friends have told me I should write a blog explaining how MaxPass works because they still don’t understand it. So here I am giving you all MY best tips for using MaxPass!

What is MaxPass? Well…FastPass + PhotoPass = MaxPass to put it simply.

MaxPass is a feature you can add on to your ticket to enhance your FastPass selections and photo opportunities while you enjoy your visit at the Disneyland Resort!

What To Know First

  • Cost is $10 per person, per day
    • This includes FastPass AND PhotoPass downloads
  • Must download the Disneyland app and create a Disney account to use
  • Annual Passholders can add MaxPass to their pass for $75
  • Everyone in your party must purchase MaxPass if you want to all have the same FastPass selections
  • MaxPass can be added to your ticket or pass through the app or at the ticket booth when you purchase your ticket

MaxPass 101

Now that you and your party has decided to use MaxPass, here’s a quick guide for making FastPass selections and accessing your PhotoPass pictures!

STOP: If you have not downloaded the Disneyland app and/or created a Disney account do that before you read on!

If you are purchasing MaxPass through the app follow these steps…

App Home

From here you’ll want to ensure your ticket is linked to the app and you’ll input your credit card and billing information to continue with your purchase.

If you purchased your ticket at the ticket booth with MaxPass included you’re ready to make your FastPass selections!

Step 1: Create A Party

This is an optional step, but HIGHLY recommended. Creating a party makes selecting FastPasses MUCH easier!

Link Tickets/Passes

You’ll want to link tickets/passes to have the party altogether on one phone.

Get FASTPASS with Disney MaxPass > Link a ticket or pass > Scan barcode of ticket/pass or enter ID bar code manually

Create Party


Link Ticket

Create Your Party

Each time you make a FastPass selection you’ll be choosing the members of your party. This may seem like a repetitive task, but it’s helpful for members who may not want to go on a particular ride. My mom wasn’t interested in riding the Incredicoaster so I just selected for my brother and I to ride which was fine!

Create Party 2

Step 2: Making a FastPass Selection

After you’ve created your party you’ll be able to select your FastPasses.

Choose Park

choose park

You’ll want to choose which park you want your FastPass for Disneyland or Disney California Adventure.

Choose Your Ride

choose ride

Once you’ve selected your park you’ll be given a list of rides with their corresponding FastPass times. After you’ve chosen what ride you’d like you’ll be asked to confirm your selection and you’ll be done! You’ll also be provided the time which you can make your next selection!

confirmed selection

You can cancel your FastPass selection at any time and choose a new one if you’d like!

Step 3: Using Your FastPass

guardians maxpass

Once you’re within your FastPass time frame head back to the ride you have the FastPass for and make sure you have your park ticket/pass or phone ready. At the entrance of each ride there are posts for you and your party to scan their ticket/pass or your “FastPass ticket” from the app.

Scan MaxPass

Make sure your brightness is all the way up on your phone so the scanner can scan the bar code easier. If you’ve made your entire party’s selections you’ll just scroll through the FastPasses and scan everyone’s FastPass. If you’re given a green light you’re good to go, a red light means there’s an issue. Don’t try to enter more than 5 minutes early to the ride, you won’t be allowed in.

Top Picks for FastPass

Here are my recommendations for which attractions you should get a FastPass for. These are purely my opinion!


  • Space Mountain*
  • Indiana Jones*
  • Splash Mountain* (if it’s hot)
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Matterhorn*

Disney California Adventure

  • Incredicoaster*
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout
  • Radiator Springs Racers*
  • Toy Story Midway Mania
  • Soarin’ Over the World

Although there are plenty of rides that offer FastPass, I feel these are the most popular attractions between the two parks.

*Offers Single Rider

PhotoPass 101

When it comes to MaxPass a lot of focus is given to FastPass selections since it’s why most people purchase it. A lot of people either don’t know or don’t care to utilize the PhotoPass portion of MaxPass which is unfortunate because it’s so simple!

Link Photos

Link Photos

Whether you’re adding an attraction photo, linking a PhotoPass card or showing your PhotoPass code to a photographer you’ll want to go to the “Link Photos” section of your app.

If you’re having a PhotoPass photographer take your picture you can either show them the PhotoPass code from your app or they’ll provide you a card after they’ve taken your pictures. If you’re given a card you can scan it into your app. If you’ve provided the code your pictures will show up in your app shortly after you’ve taken them!


Attraction photos are really easy to add you just need the code at the top of your picture and you’re done! Just type it into your app and that’s it!

Once all your pictures have been added you’ll be able to edit them within the app and add super fun borders or stickers! You can download them as is or with your fun edits you’ve made! Lastly you can share them to social media, send through text or email, and more!

Pro Tips

These are some tips I’ve picked up on as I’ve used MaxPass over the past year.

  • Link everyone’s tickets to one phone and have that person be in charge of selecting the FastPasses. This is usually the “Disney pro” of the group.Create Party 2.1
  • Be mindful of when you can get your next FastPass, sometimes it’s a lot sooner than you think. You can have more than one FastPass at a time!my plans
  • If you have a FastPass for a ride and the ride closes you’ll be given a “Magical Experiences” FastPass which is good for any ride! This has no time attached to it, but sometimes one or more rides are excluded from this particular pass. Usually the newest attraction in Disneyland or DCA is exempt from this pass.magical experiences
  • PhotoPass includes ride photos! Take a picture of the screen with your PhotoPass code to enter at the end of the day instead of standing in front of the screen to do it.                                             IMG_2505
  • ALL members of your party must be in the parks to utilize MaxPass. You can not make selections for individuals who have not entered the parks yet.IMG_2504

I hope these tips have helped you out! MaxPass is a great feature and can really maximize your visit if you know how to use it properly! Feel free to comment or email any questions you have! Have a magical trip!!

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