FOOD REVIEW: New River Belle Terrace Breakfast Menu Review

Just a few months ago the River Belle Terrace started serving breakfast! I’ve tried to be a little more open to breakfast foods so Ashlee and I thought we’d try it out! I wanted to try everything, but my wallet and stomach wouldn’t let me…LOL! All the menu items are Southern-inspired and range from biscuits and gravy to pork chops to Mickey shaped pancakes! And you can’t forget their Monkey Bread! Here’s our review of our experience at the River Belle Terrace for breakfast!




I think what I enjoyed most about this dining experience was the decorations and atmosphere of the restaurant! I LOVED the color scheme, it’s absolutely adorable! It’s also nice to have the choice to sit either indoors or on their patio. For their breakfast service, they don’t accept reservations it’s just first come, first serve so get there early!



I was really looking forward to the food since everything sounded so delicious. I just wasn’t a fan of the prices!


Mark Twain

This dish consisted of your choice of chicken sausage or applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, signature potatoes, and a freshly-baked biscuit. While everything was very delicious the portion size was disappointing, especially considering the meal costs $17.


Monkey Bread

I saw people posting about this all over social media so I thought we should try it out! This dish consists of warm & buttery sweet bread, pecan butter, maple syrup, candied pecans, and powdered sugar! I love the presentation of this dish and how it comes out on a small cast iron pan. The flavors were good, it wasn’t overly sweet, but the bread was a little dry. I would get it again though and I do recommend it!


Ashlee Food Hack: If you’re in the mood for iced coffee order the regular coffee and a cup of ice. Pour the hot coffee over ice and add creamer and sugar accordingly! Best part, free refills on coffee and ice!



Our final thoughts on breakfast at River Belle Terrace are positive! We loved the atmosphere! The food was tasty and we’d be willing to try other dishes. Is this the first place I would recommend for breakfast? No, but it is worth trying! Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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