Reactions To Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2018


If you’re a regular subscriber to our blog you know that we predominantly cover Disneyland related topics. Well, this year Ashlee and I went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights for the first time and we wanted to share our initial reactions with you! We are by no means “horror fanatics,” and we’re not jumping ship to become die-hard Universal fans! Disney is where it’s at LOL!


Halloween Horror Nights is an event at Universal Studios that runs from mid-September until the first weekend after Halloween. This year those dates are September 14-November 3 on select nights. Every theme park has SOMETHING for Halloween. Horror Nights are comprised of themed mazes and “scare zones” throughout the park. In addition to these there’s a live show you can see, currently, it’s featuring the Jabbawockeez. Also, the Studio Tour gets a horrifying overlay at night and becomes the “Terror Tram.” That’s just a quick overview of what Horror nights entails, oh and of course there’s themed food…can’t forget that! Neither of us has been to an event like this before so here are our impressions and tips we gathered from going this year!

First Impressions


Fun. Fun. Scary AF. Long lines. Crowded. Fun. Fun. Fun. That about sums it up! The reason we went to Horror Nights this year was for the Stranger Things maze that was being HEAVILY advertised. Additionally, The First Purge and Blumhouse were getting their own mazes and so were the classic Horror monsters. We’re both interested in ALL those things so it seemed like a great first year to attend. We were not disappointed! I had seen the Jabbawockeez when they were in Vegas so I was excited to see them again.


The first maze we did was Stranger Things and it was AWESOME! This was a great “beginners” maze as it’s really not that scary, but it’s themed perfectly to Season 1. Now we understood what to expect in all the other mazes. Universal does an amazing job with the themes of their mazes. It took us going back a second time to complete literally everything, but it was worth it! I told myself I would NEVER go to Horror Nights, but here I am writing about what a fun experience I had. If two scaredy cats like us could make it through the night TWICE, then so can you! Here’s some tips that might help make your trip more enjoyable!



Go Early or Buy Day/Night Combo Tickets

I can’t stress the importance of getting any ticket that allows you early entry into the park! If you buy your ticket online you’ll get early entry and if you buy a day/night combo ticket you’ll definitely be early, but this makes the night so go early!


Get Universal Express Pass

If you don’t want to arrive early then I HIGHLY recommend spending the extra cash for a Universal Express Pass. This allows you front of the line access to everything once. The lines will get EXTREMELY long as the night progresses. If you don’t want to wait in 100-150 minute lines, buy this pass!


Head to Lower Lot First

The lower lot’s mazes open before the upper lot, so head down there first! This is how we were able to do everything so quickly. The second night we went we walked onto Stranger Things twice, Trick ‘r Treat, and Poltergeist. The first night we did the lower lot first as well and knocked out mostly everything before 7. The sun may be out still, but you’ll be happy you did the maze when it had a 5-minute wait as opposed to 100 minutes.


Go on the Terror Tram right at 7

The Terror Tram opens at 7 when the sun is setting and it’s not 100% dark, but you still get the effect and scary factor. We got back in line right after when it was actually dark and the line was maybe 20 minutes. The Terror Tram was my personal favorite!


See the Live Show

Even if you’ve been going for many years and you’re tired of the Jabbawockeez they did have a new show this year and it’s a chance to get off your feet and rest. I thought the show was great and very entertaining!


Don’t RunΒ 

This was a common tip we were given is to not run otherwise you’ll be chased! We saw this all too many times and it got annoying. Sure it’s okay to scream and be scared, but don’t run…please!


Use Single Rider

Some of the rides are open during the event such as The Mummy, Transformers, and The Simpsons. These lines can get pretty lengthy too! If you don’t mind splitting up with your party definitely utilize the single rider line it makes a difference!


Our Picks


The results are in! Here are our rankings of our favorite to least favorite mazes:

Ashlee’s Rankings

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Poltergeist
  3. Universal Monsters
  4. The First Purge
  5. The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two
  6. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  7. Terror Tram
  8. Trick ‘r Treat


Amanda’s Rankings

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Terror Tram
  3. Universal Monsters
  4. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  5. Poltergeist
  6. The First Purge
  7. The Horrors of Blumhouse: Chapter Two
  8. Trick ‘r Treat

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