Food Review: The Tropical Hideaway – Adventureland’s Newest Getaway


The Tropical Hideaway is officially open! You can find it located next to The Enchanted Tiki Room! On our last Disney trip, we had the chance to try out a good number of items offered at The Tropical Hideaway. Once I heard there were new flavors of Dole Whips I was sold!  In addition to Dole Whips, you can find other snacks and desserts that are great on the go! Here’s what we tried and what we thought!


Lime Chicken Bao


This was one of the first things we tried because it just looked too delicious to pass up! Inside is lime chicken, butternut squash, and fresh herbs. There is also a spicy sauce that accompanies it. We both really enjoyed how fresh and flavorful the bao bun was!

Spiced Vegetable Bao


My sister would be happy that a vegetarian option is available and she would have loved this as well! Inside the bao are chickpeas and braised vegetables! If you want the sauce that accompanies the chicken bao you will have to pay .60 for it. I was not a fan of this bun, but Ashlee enjoyed it. Between the two though we’d recommend the chicken bao.

Chilled Ramen Shaker


These are located at the end of the Dole Whip line inside a bucket of ice. The shaker contains fresh vegetables, ramen noodles, and Tograshi cashews with Asian Vinaigrette Dressing. I was really looking forward to this snack, but unfortunately, I was slightly disappointed. I don’t think there was enough dressing to cover everything. It is a decent size for the price. What really stole the show were the cashews. Those were the best part and really added flavor to everything! I would recommend this, it’s worth trying!



Sweet Lumpia


Ashlee really wanted to try these because she heard they tasted similar to something offered at Pandora in the Animal Kingdom. This deep-fried treat is filled with cream cheese and pineapple and served with a DOLE pineapple dipping sauce! Personally, I was not a fan of this and neither was Ashlee. Of all the things we had this is what we recommend the least.

Pineapple and Orange Swirl


It’s hard to tell in the picture that there are two different flavors, but they are there! For those of you familiar with the “Citrus Swirl” at the Magic Kingdom, this is about as close as Disneyland will get to tasting that. You have the option of just pineapple, orange, or raspberry Dole Whips. However, orange and raspberry can be swirled with pineapple. This is a very refreshing treat that we both enjoyed, but the next treat was our absolute favorite!

Loaded Whip


I’ve saved the best for last! The loaded whip contains pineapple and orange swirl, exotic fruit, crystallized hibiscus, and Pocky sticks. You can switch the pineapple and orange swirl to raspberry and pineapple which is what we did. That’s how I think it should be sold because it was DELICIOUS! Hands down raspberry and pineapple swirl were meant to be! The mixture of the swirl and fruit made us feel like we were truly in a tropical hideaway! I know we will be getting this many times in the future!


Overall Thoughts

In addition to the snacks listed above, there is a beef bao bun and other fresh fruits available! The snacks were tasty and filling. The desserts stole the show. The lines are still long because of how new this is, but they move fairly quickly! Seating does fill up pretty quickly though so you may have to eat on the go. The one thing I was bummed about was no AP discounts available so it does get pricey. Other than that, make sure you stop by The Tropical Hideaway on your next visit!



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