Micechat Gumball Rally 2019: Our Crazy Adventure

Have you ever wondered how many rides you can go on in a single day at Disneyland? I know I certainly have! Luckily, thanks to Micechat, you can find out for yourself! Every year for the past 13 years they host the Gumball Rally. Teams of two, three, or four race through Disneyland to see how many attractions they can ride in a day! Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! It’s not enough to just go on the ride, you have to answer corresponding questions to prove you went on it. Nobody likes a cheater. This was our third year competing, and it was truly unforgettable…and crazy! Here’s the story of our wild adventure!


The Calm Before the Storm…Literally

This year’s theme was none other than Haunted Mansion! We knew something would be different this year because we were given instructions to send a “test” text message to the Ghost Host and post to Instagram. In past years we weren’t allowed to use our phones at all, so this was a big twist! We prepared ourselves with backpacks of drinks and snacks because there is no stopping if you want to win! It’s always important to check the weather ahead of time because you never know when it might rain in California believe it or not. The forecast showed a 30% chance of rain that was supposed to stop at 8:00 a.m. which is when the race begins. Perfect, no need to bring my rain coat…*face palm*

One of the best parts of this competition is seeing the teams from years prior. It’s even better when those teams become your friends! Our first year we sat at a table with a few other teams and have been meeting up at the rally ever since. I cherish the friendships we’ve made and seeing our friends is always such a big highlight!


Our friends have all arrived, we’ve caught up, now it’s time to get serious and start this beast of a competition! I kid you not, the minute the rules were done being announced it started to POUR rain. Everyone was drenched head to toe. Team captains are trying to get their question booklets, teams are trying to get to the park, it was insanity! By the time we finally made it into the park I was ready to give up. But I’m VERY glad I didn’t…


Let The Games Begin!

This year we were given one question booklet with ALL the attractions listed. There was a total of 39 attractions, some with multiple questions to answer. In addition to answering questions, we had to send “Spooky Selfies” to our Ghost Host for some attractions AND post to Instagram throughout the day. That is A LOT of multitasking, thankfully Ashlee is way more technologically savvy than me and took care of all that for us LOL!


If you’d like to see all our posts check out our Instagram.



As miserable as the rain made us it also was a blessing in disguise. Rainy park = empty park! I won’t bore you with the order we did everything, but if you ever say to yourself “We only get on a few rides, it’s so crowded” You’re not doing Disney right! We were also able to use MaxPass which was SUPER helpful! At 1:00 p.m. we had to meet up for a group picture and by this point we had already completed a little over 20 attractions! Yes, you read that right, 20! We were feeling pretty good, but the park was starting to get more crowded.

rally group photo 2019
Photo by: cakvalphotography




We were running on 3 hours of sleep and meals consisting of Uncrustables and fruit leathers, but we were unstoppable! As the sun went down and it got closer to 8:00 p.m. (the end time for the rally) we could see we were almost done with every ride! With just under 2 hours to go, we had 3 attractions left. Storybook Land Canal Boats, Dumbo, and Casey Jr. By 7:18 p.m. we finished Casey Jr. and beelined for the park exit. I think maneuvering through Disney crowds should be an Olympic sport because it takes mad skills! We walked as fast as we could to the Picnic Area where we turned in our booklet and finished a little before 7:30! Some of our friends had already finished. There was nothing left to do but wait until the next morning to find out the results…


The Moment of Truth

We felt really good about our accomplishments until we started hearing that other teams finished before us and they may or may not have done as much as us. We were proud of ourselves as this was the most we’d ever done during a rally. The next morning we reunited with our friends at breakfast and awaited the awards ceremony! Before anyone is announced, we’re told that the Top 10 teams all tied for first but the tie was broken by time completed. The 10th – 7th place teams were not in attendance, but 6th place was. And then it happens…”In 6th place, the Bitter Bellhops” THAT’S US! Completely shocked Ashlee and I head to the front to receive our ribbons. We did it! 38 attractions in 11.5 hours earned us 6th place! Even better was our friends Team Bibbidi Bobbidi Booze (great name, right?) won 3rd place! Being in the Top 10 with them was amazing!



For some this may sound completely insane and not fun at all, for others you’re probably wondering “where do I sign up??” We look forward to this event every year, and we’re counting down the days ’til next year’s rally! Thank you to everyone who put this wonderful event together! Thank you to our friends who make this event so memorable! And thank you, Ashlee, for being my teammate and making this win possible!


If you have any questions about the rally or how to make the most of your Disney trip, please comment below or send us an email at theadventurelandgirls@gmail.comΒ 


  1. Wow!!!! This looks like an awesome event. I would love to try it some time. Looks like everyone really enjoys it. Disneyland is so great. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This sounds like an amazing event. I wonder what the other guests in the park thought of the crazy people running around the park with books and taking pictures of name tags. Next year you will be number 1


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