Best Places for Graduation Pictures at the Disneyland Resort

Believe it or not it’s graduation season! Soon to be grads are getting their caps and gowns and figuring out where will they take graduation pictures?? For any Disney loving grad there’s no question about taking pictures at The Happiest Place on Earth!


I’m graduating with my Masters in just a few short weeks so naturally, I took some graduation photos in the parks. I wanted to share what I feel are the best places to take photos, some tips, and share my pictures/poses with you!

Disneyland Locations


This land is very underrated and because of that, we came here first for photos! It was still pretty empty and there were lots of places that were free of other people! Here’s some of the places within ToonTown we stopped at:



Disney Walls

Everyone wants pictures with the infamous “Walls of Disney” so why shouldn’t you?? These walls make great places for pictures! I’m sad the Blue Wall isn’t around anymore, but the two I went to were the Small World Wall and what I call the “Big Thunder” wall. This one can be found on the backside of Big Thunder where the Star Wars Land entrances will be.


I’m in love with this “bokeh” effect! Having a nice iPhone with “Portrait” mode will get you this effect, or certain lenses for DSLR cameras will do the trick too! We had the fancy lens LOL!



Ride Queues

I never would have thought to do pictures here, but I learned this tip from a retreat I attended last month. Exits to rides and line queues are great places for photos as well!



Who doesn’t love a picture with their favorite character??


Even if your favorite isn’t one that’s in the parks, you ought to take one with Mickey! I would recommend going to Mickey’s house because there’s fun places to take pictures there too while you wait!




I’ll start by saying the castle is currently under refurbishment *sad* but this is probably the number 1 place to take graduation pictures! If it was available I’d probably have 100 in front of the castle alone! Sorry, Class of 2019, we’re going to have to wait for awesome castle pics.


Disney California Adventure Locations

Pixar Pier

While there are MANY other places you can get pictures, I feel like Pixar Pier is going to be your main location! Also, I was getting tired and still had other places to go so this was really the only place I was able to stop and get some pictures. Nonetheless, I think they came out great!


These are taken over by the entrance of Lamplight Lounge!

Pro Tips

  • Research some poses you’d like to do to get an idea of what to bring with you
  • Go early in the morning when it’s empty
  • Don’t take pictures in the middle of the day when the sun is directly above you
  • Wait for the “Golden Hour” as the sun starts going down
  • Get a “Just Graduated” button
  • Take pictures with a Mickey ears cap or headband, they’re just more fun that way!
  • Have fun!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us any questions! We’d love to see your photos and how they come out too!


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