First Impressions of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Best Tips for Riding Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

We’ve given you an overview of everything to do in Batuu and our review of the local food, now it’s time for our first impressions and best tips for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run!


What Kind of Ride is Smugglers Run?

Great question! I wasn’t sure what this ride entailed until I was sitting in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon! That’s right, you’re literally IN the cockpit! The best way to describe this attraction is similar to Star Tours, except YOU are in control! This is an interactive smuggling mission where each person is assigned a role that contributes to the ride experience!


When you enter the standby line (currently no FastPass available) you’ll make your way through the highly detailed queue line. A cast member will direct your party to a waiting area until it is your time to meet with Hondo Ohnaka! This is the pre-show to the attraction. Hondo is looking for flight crews to help him obtain some…hard to find items…so are you up for the mission? No flight experience needed!


From there you’ll walk down the hallways of the Millennium Falcon where your group will be distributed a “boarding pass” with a color and role assignment. The three roles are:

  • Pilot – left pilot moves the ship left to right, right pilot moves the ship up and down
  • Gunner – shoots down other ships or obstructions
  • Engineer – keeps the ship running

_IMG_2867After you’ve received your assignment you’ll be in a waiting room where you can take pictures at the iconic “chess table” or just look around. You won’t wait long as flights move pretty quickly. Once your group is called you’ll be ushered to the cockpit where your adventure is about to begin!


Role Assignment Tips


Pilots will need to work together to keep the ship from crashing into things, but who knows what might happen if you do crash? Might be worth trying LOL! Gunners have the option of going into “manual” or “automatic” mode when they are seated. Manual mode means you’ll need to pay attention to when the buttons next to you are flashing so you can press them. Automatic mode is more of an “auto-pilot” where you can just watch the screen more. Engineers have the easiest role of pushing buttons as they light up so if you’re wanting a less involved role try to be an Engineer.


Other Important Tips

  • If you get motion sick or might get motion sick, this ride is NOT for you. If Star Tours is too much for you, this ride is more intense so you may want to consider passing on this attraction
  • Go before the last hour of your reservation, but not during an overlap hour since that’s when lines are the longest. You shouldn’t need to wait more than 30 minutes, if lines are longer than that either use single rider or wait for the line to go down
  • There is a single rider line that gets you onto the ride pretty quickly, we did single rider three times and two of those times we were put in the same party. As you walk down the single rider hallway there comes a point where you can go to the right or left, either way will lead you to getting on the ride

IMG_2878Overall we really enjoyed this ride! The amount of detail in the queue line is incredible, the story line is creative, and the ride is just A LOT of fun! Stay tuned for more great information about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!


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